DartleType in Monaco

Now you can step up your keyboard typing game and work anywhere anytime – order DartleType laser keyboard today and enjoy premium quality on a budget!

DartleType laser keyboard is only available online – buying from the official website guarantees you will get the best possible deal.

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It’s old news that time is money. Therefore, most of us strive not to waste it and spend it as productively as possible. There is only one minor issue that usually gets in the way – people may have the will but not the means. In other words, it is not always possible for us to do the important work under certain circumstances. We may not have the internet access, we may have our phones or tablets as the only devices available to us at that moment, maybe we simply have forgotten the computer mouse or find it too difficult to type on a phone or a tablet. However, the solution to at least some of these issues is simpler than you think. We’re talking about DartleType standalone laser keyboard and mouse. Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie? Well, it may look like it, yet it is absolutely real and ready to help you utilize your time and complete your work anywhere anytime!

DartleType offers you an exquisite standalone laser keyboard and mouse that can be used literally in any place at any time. Whether you enjoy working from a coffee shop or need to complete an urgent task on your daily commute – DartleType has you covered. See it for yourselves!


  • Compatibility. No need to worry about the operating system of your device because this DartleType laser keyboard and mouse is compatible with all Android, iOS, PC, Windows, and MAC devices.
  • Full-size keyboard and mouse. If you thought no device can replace your regular keyboard and mouse, you’re mistaken! This DartleType device projects a full-size keyboard, exactly the size you are used to!
  • Convenient all the time. Maybe you’re still thinking that nothing can substitute for your beloved keyboard your fingers are so used to. Well, here is what DartleType has that no other keyboard does – it is perfect to use all the time, in any light condition, day and night. The laser keyboard will shine in the dark and we bet you’ll find it useful at least once in your life!
  • High resolution. This DartleType device has exceptional laser resolution that exceeds everyone’s expectations. This means that the projected keyboard will look sharp, clear, and easy to use.
  • Fast connection. DartleType uses Bluetooth to quickly and easily connect to any device, thus saving your precious time.
  • Built-in speaker. For those who are used to hearing sounds of the keyboard and struggle typing without them.
  • Long battery life. DartleType laser keyboard and mouse has a powerful built-in battery that will surely last you for a long time and once it runs out you need to simply recharge it using a USB cable!
  • Easy to use. Being operated with one button this DartleType keyboard surely is one of the easiest devices to use. Place it on a flat surface, press the button, and get the work done!
  • Portable. The main point of this device is that you can carry it anywhere you need. This allows you to leave your regular keyboard and mouse at home and that is the main idea behind this device. To a coffee shop, on a business trip – whenever you want, wherever you need.
  • Affordable. What’s really great about this laser keyboard and mouse is that the price is surprisingly adequate. You don’t need to spend a fortune on this high-quality device and that is what makes it even more appealing.


We know that using this DartleType keyboard may look difficult at first. After all, it does look like a device from the future given the sleek design and look when it’s on full working display. And yet the future is now! All you have to do is charge the device, place it on a flat surface, connect to any device you need via Bluetooth, and start typing! You don’t need a degree to be competent to use this device because it is as easy as ABC!


Is there even a question? DartleType laser keyboard and mouse is for everyone! Whether you are a technology enthusiast and want to explore new items, or a workaholic who needs to work in places other than your office, or simply enjoy doing work in your local coffee shop and don’t want to carry a physical keyboard with you. DartleType will offer something for everyone!


Absolutely! This DartleType keyboard will not cost you a fortune and yet you will get a well-performing high-quality device that will come in handy in many different situations! It is a device worth having because there is no knowing when you’ll have to complete a task outside your office. Be sure you don’t miss your chance to get this amazing future-like device!


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DartleType is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.